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Agile, Scrum – video training

Dear Student!


For the participants of our trainings we have prepared additional training materials in the form of video courses. Here is one of them, concerning Agile and Scrum. Scrum is used as one of the agile project management methodologies, especially in the context of product development. Working as a programmer or tester, you will work in a team managed in accordance with one methodology.


To learn as much as possible, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Use the dedicated break from classes to see the movies
  2. Watch the movies in the order indicated. You can download the presentation that is discussed during the video training here
  3. Perform a quiz that will help you organize your knowledge
  4. Test yourself in the test we have prepared at the end of the training

Remember that these materials are an introduction to a given issue, which will be continued with the trainer at further stages of the training. Familiarizing yourself with the video course will significantly help you to learn.


Have a fruitful study!

Agile and Scrum

What is Waterfall


Agile Manifesto

Agile vs Waterfall

What is Scrum

House of Scrum

Scrum rules

Roles in Scrum

Artifacts in Scrumie

Get set, ready… Sprint!

Events in Scrum

Daily Scrum

Sprint review

Sprint retrospective

Events summary

Backlog Refinement

Why most of the companies work in Scrum?

Why is it worth coming to training with Scrum?

Check yourself!

After completing the materials, perform a quiz that will test your knowledge. You’ll learn the correct answers and explanatory comments:

Quiz Agile and Scrum
Test Agile and Scrum

Let us know what you think about our video course!

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