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November – IT events

There are hundreds of online workshops, training, and conferences in the Tech industry daily. How to choose the right one? Check out our overview of events in the IT sector in Europe. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain new knowledge.

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August in IT

Make your brain work this month! The last month of summer, but surprisingly the IT world is full of exciting events. As usual, we put together a list of events in the tech industry all over Europe [English edition]. 

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15 best programming books every developer must read this summer [by SDA trainers]

Sipping cocktails on the beach during vacation can be both: pleasant and valuable. What is more, not all of us can spend all day on the beach and not get bored. So if you are in this group, we got you. Especially for you, our trainers put together a list of the best programming books you should take with you on vacation.

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